SPDT Relays

The relay outputs map to the control register as outlined in the user's guide.

Opto-Isolated Inputs

The opto-isolator inputs map to the status register as outlined in the user's guide.

Dual Output Power

Two PTC fused power ports are provided as additional power connections from the Auxiliary Power Bus (APB).

Auxiliary Power Bus (APB)

The à la mods APB is an additional stacking bus to distribute additional power up the stack of modules.

When the à la mods PWRM17225 power supply module is used, the APB bus contains additional power capability for the 5Vdc & 3.3Vdc plus an additional power source V0 that is directly connected to the input of the PWRM17225 module.


The ISOIOM17427 module has several à la mods Dual Jumper selectable options to increase its flexibility.


The à la mods registers provide the control & status mechanism for each of the smart modules.


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